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Celia possesses the unique ability to think strategically, tactically lead teams, develop innovative solutions and produce lasting results. Her strength in organizational development was the key factor leading my Logistics organization in delivering “world class” results for our customers, the company and the industry. She is an expert in developing trust-based relationships in diverse teams, ranging from executive sponsorship to front line execution, the resulting accomplishments are levels of breakthrough performance never previously conceived possible. 

– Gene Zvolensky
Former VP of Logistics, Tropicana Products

"I enjoyed this course and found every talking point to have value. 10/10 Recommend!"

"The real life experience and knowledge from Pete and Celia makes the training valuable. It is clear that the things they teach translate to my current situation. They provided tools that I can begin to use immediately in my supervisory role."

"Industry veterans teaching applicable skills to be used in the "real world". I recommend this training to anyone in a leadership role."

-Leadership Development and Team Coaching  Attendees

Celia is a conscientious, detail-oriented organizational consultant/coach, who provided exceptional service to me and my company during a period of significant organizational change. Celia listened attentively and then provided a mix of literature-based solutions as well as real-world experiences to help me, and my company counterparts, frame positive, solution-oriented action plans.

– Frank Cina
Former Director of Program Management and QA
Northrop Grumman Corporation

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