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Individual, Group, Or Team Coaching With Dr. Celia

My Experience

As the daughter of a Mexican immigrant, I grew up in Southern California and learned the value of coaching when I was bused to Sherman Oaks as a way to integrate public schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. My coaches were my teachers who believed in my potential and positively changed my life's trajectory through education.


At 17, I began my military service at the U.S Military Academy in West Point, NY. I self identify as a Hispanic, Female, Disabled Veteran and am comfortable coaching professionals and teams with diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds.


Over my 30 year career, I've coached executive level through front line leaders across multiple industries. I have deep experience coaching groups and teams as a military officer, corporate executive, project leader, volunteer, and professor in higher ed. I enjoy supporting my clients to explore their beliefs and move towards goals to achieve their desired changes and performance long-term. I learn and grow from every interaction.


My Approach

My approach to coaching aligns with guidelines established by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I partner with my clients in a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire personal and professional potential. The coach-client relationship is one of collaboration, openness, and mutual respect. My clients set the agenda, and I guide them through the coaching process using a variety of methods including assessments, self-awareness and reflection, mindfulness/embodiment, strategic inquiry, and metaphor to support and respectfully challenge my clients to help them shift their mindsets and achieve their goals. A coaching agreement clarifies our roles and responsibilities as well as establishes expectations for how the engagement unfolds.

Although I have extensive leadership, coaching, and higher education teaching experience and certifications/experience in various methods of change as well as instruments such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP), 360 instruments, and others, I am fully invested in my own continuous learning and growth and am enrolled in a Level 2 (PCC level) ICF-accredited Executive and Professional Coaching Graduate Certificate Program at the University of Texas in Dallas. My goal is to earn my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential in 2024.

When Coaching May Help

As a coach, I partner with clients to help them think through challenges/opportunities in achieving their professional and personal goals and assist them in creating actions that support their success. Coaching may focus on communication/collaboration, prioritizing and delegation, conflict management, team effectiveness, leading change, meeting management, career/life transitions, and self-care/well-being at a minimum. Experienced with team dynamics and development, I also offer group or team coaching to support high performance. Examples of coaching support I have provided are listed below. I recognize coach-client fit is important and am happy to set up a discovery call for you to experience coaching!


* Coached executives in project sponsoring, chartering, and planning for a managed care organization

* Coached senior executive transitioning to C-level in building peer relationships, communications, etc.

* Coached defense contractor executives in communications, conflict management, and self care

* Coached entrepreneurs on employee engagement, human resources, and culture

* Coached executives and managers on building presentation and communication skills

* Coached front line hourly transitioning to supervisory leadership roles in manufacturing

Career & Life Transitions

* As an HR executive, I coached employees on career planning and life transitions

* Coached executives and managers pursuing doctorate degrees to remove mental roadblocks

* Coached clients during life transitions including: new parent, perimenopause & career effects, midlife reinvention, loss of loved ones, job loss, and loss due to disability/aging

Group or Team Performance

* Coached logistics executives (SVP, VP, Dir) in Vision, Mission, and Strategy

* Coached Board of Directors in developing an ethical culture and climate 

* Coached project leads and project teams in a managed health care organization

* Coached cross-functional project team through HRIS planning and implementation

* Coached women veterans group for self care/health, career/life transitions, and VA Benefits (7 years)

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