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Career Transitions: Time to Contribute Something New?

Updated: May 1

“I’ve learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life”– Dr. Maya Angelou

Whether self-initiated or involuntary, career transitions can be challenging and uncomfortable (I know because I’ve personally reinvented myself multiple times throughout my career - military officer, corporate leader, college professor, business owner). In experiencing my own transitions and coaching clients through theirs, I've made some key observations that may be helpful.

As you embark on your own career transition, ask yourself the following:

1. Success:

  • What does success look, sound, and feel like for me at this stage of my career and life? What do I want?

  • What changes might I experiment with in my career to achieve my current vision of success?

  • What support do I need to help me move forward and take action to translate my vision of success into reality? (This might include people with specific skills, training/education, finances, etc.)

2. Mindset:

  • Which mindset will I choose to support my transition? (Consider Dr. Carol Dweck’s Mindset: The New Psychology of Success or watch this 2-minute video on fixed and growth mindset)

  • How will I remain patient, persistent, optimistic, and flexible to explore new learning, opportunities, and growth during this transition?

  • What knowledge, skills, and experiences do I want to develop for my next opportunity/contribution?

3. Networking:

  • Who do I want to meet to explore new organizations, industries, and opportunities including the hidden job market (anticipated or unposted jobs I might position myself for)?

  • How will I build relationships and trust with networking partners - those I know and those I don't (what can I offer them for mutual benefit)?

  • If I’ve been promoted into a new role within my organization, who do I want to build relationships with (internally and externally) to support my success in this transition?

4. Self-Care:

  • What mentors, family members, or friends can I reach out to for support and encouragement?

  • How can I maintain my health, wellbeing, and positive energy during this uncertain time?

  • What else do I need to show up as my authentic self as I make this transition?

Contact Dr. Celia today at 828.242.4423 or if you’d like a thought partner/coach to explore these or other questions to navigate career/life transitions!

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