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Hello! We're PCS2 Consulting LLC

Pete & Dr. Celia Szelwach, PMP bring decades of business experience to your organization. We help you identify strategies, build systems, and develop talent so you can achieve world class results. We both graduated from West Point and began our careers as U.S. Army officers. We have held corporate roles ranging from front line manufacturing to senior executive level. Large or small projects, C-suite to the front line, we’ve applied our methods to deliver $millions in impact to Fortune 50, small business, healthcare and government. Please contact us today for a free consultation!

How We Help Organizations Using SOAR

Build upon Strengths, identify short-term Opportunities, envision long-term Aspirations, and develop KPIs to measure Results

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"Pete and Celia are an amazing team. They are very knowledgeable on leadership and building teams and it shows in the way that they work with each other.“

-Manufacturing Client

Image by Jon Tyson
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